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Quality work, delivered
when you expect it 

Providing machined parts and services that meet customer requirements on time and at a cost that represents value.


H&M Machining

When you outsource machining, you deserve quality work, delivered when you expect it and at a reasonable price, per your specification. It must add value to your product, while saving you time and money. That's why you need a partner you can trust.

We understand your needs and have built a reputation on giving customers like you superior quality, fast turnarounds, and cost-effective machining solutions.  We enjoy what we do and employ today's technology to achieve the high quality standards we've established for ourselves.

Our wide array of capabilities allows us to meet all your machining needs:

  • CNC Turning

  • CNC Milling

  • Surface Grinding

  • Assembly

  • Manual  Lathes

  • Manual Mills

  • Production Sawing

  • Prototype

  • Welding (Outsourced)

  • Tumbling

  • O.D. Grinding (Outsourced)

Our extensive experience with the following materials ensures complete customer satisfaction:

  • 4140

  • Brass

  • Bronze

  • Stainless steel

  • Tool steel

  • Hot rolled

  • Cold rolled

  • Aluminum

  • Plastics

  • Polyurethane

  • Magnesium

Our in-house machines, inspection equipment and accessories include:

  • (1) Mazak Quick Turn Nexus  350 MY with Live Tooling, Turning

       Diameter up to 20”

  • (1) Mazak Super Quick Turn 200MS-Y with Bar Feeder & Live Tooling

  • (1) Mazak Super Quick Turn 250MS-Y with Live Tooling

  • (1) Mazak Super Quick Turn 15M with Tail Stock & Live Tooling

  • (1) Mazak Quick Turn 15

  • (1) Nexus Mazak 200M with Live Tooling & Tail Stock

  • (1) Nexus Mazak 250 with Tail Stock

  • (1) Haas VF-4 Machining Center, 50” Travel, 10,000 RPMS

  • (1) Haas VF-3 Machining Center, 40” Travel with Pallet Changer

  • (1) Haas VF-3 Machining Center, 40” Travel

  • (2) Haas VF-2 Machining Center, 30” Travel

  • 21” Turnmaster Lathe

  • Devlieg Horizontal Boring Mill, 48” Horizontal & 36” Vertical Travel

  • (2) 3-H.P. Lagun Mill with Prototrak

  • (1) 3-H.P. Lagun Mill (power feed, digital readouts)

  • 3-H.P. Clausing Kondia 3 Axis CNC

  • Mitutoyo 544 CMM fully programmable Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • Brown and Sharpe Micro Validator Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • Browne and Sharpe 32” Micro Height

  • 14” ST Industries Comparator

  • Surface Grinder 6” – 12”

  • Okamoto 24” Surface Grinder 12” – 24” DX

  • Mitsui Seiki O.D./I.D. Grinder 24”

  • Sunnen Hone

  • 20” Clausing Drill Press with Commander Head

  • Automatic Power Feed Horizontal Hem-Saw (capable to production sawing)

  • W.F. Wells; Horizontal Band Saw

  • Jet Vertical Bandsaw

  • Lincoln Electric Welder

  • (1) Gardner Dever 40 H.P. Rotary Screw Air Compressor (2020)

  • (1) Garner Dever Air Dryer (2020)

  • (1) Champion 15 H.P. Piston Air Compressor (1995)

The Super Quick Turns are a multi-tasking, CNC Turning Center capable of both turning and milling operations. 

Full Customer Experience Service

For a quote, or to find out more about how H&M Machining can fulfill your outsourcing needs, call us today.

About Us

H&M Machining
Delivers Results

Without consistent quality, there can be no trust. Without trust, you cannot build a lasting partnership. We believe quality is the price of entry in this business and take steps to ensure superior results at each phase of production.


We leave nothing to chance. Before we start a project, we review every aspect of the job and tell you what, how, and when your work will be finished (then deliver the agreed upon results).


We thrive on challenges. We've got the necessary tools and expertise to develop that one-of-a-kind prototype, or fulfill an intricate project that can only be accomplished by skilled craftsmen.


We've got the capacity, experience, and technology to meet the most demanding production schedules.

Our goal at H & M Machining is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing machined parts and services that meet customer requirements on time and at a cost that represents value.


Our Quality Stands Alone

Single-Sourcing Solutions that Work

Many of our customers look to us to provide solutions that go far beyond machining. We develop single-source solutions tailored to the specific quantity, timing, and quality needs they require.

We've helped drastically reduce turnaround times and improve quality, while giving customers a single point of contact.

We've made it our top priority to devise the exact, cost-effective solution for your machining application. We are ready to accommodate any request, large or small, and anticipate your needs.  When it comes to rapid, flexible response and small-company attention to details, we've got the commitment that ensures success.

But more importantly, we've got the staff. Highly motivated and skilled machinists with decades of experience. It's a superior combination.

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